Christ-Centered Anti-Racism
The root of our work is Christ-Centered Anti-Racism. This is where it all began!
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Building Inclusive Ministries
We will transform your ministry to be inclusive and welcoming of ALL of God's children
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Education and Training
We provide anti-racism and anti-homophobia training and education to Christ-centered institutions, as well as those outside of an official ministry space.
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photo of Erin Mieskowski with a blurred city-scape background

Antiracism and antibigotry work are difficult. I can't make it any easier, but I can make it simple!

Erin Mieskowski, M.Ed.

We tend to forget that Jesus was a radical. I’m here to be part of that reminder! I’m Erin, and I’m the founder of BRAVE Space Ministries. Our mission is to educate and empower Christian people and organizations on antibigotry work. In order to truly see God’s kin{g}dom come on Earth, we must see and respect the Image of God in all people.

This journey includes finding radical, Christ-like empathy towards people. ALL people. It includes identifying and shedding old beliefs we thought were truths. We must examine our history to know how to move forward.


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